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Greesmunky Biography


I started getting serious into Airsoft in 2011, and had always enjoyed shooting with/against Clan Reckoning. After getting to know most of the team, I put in my app and was accepted as a full member Oct 28, 2012. I am honored to be a part of this fine group, and look forward to putting many more hours and rounds downrange with the team.

Communications Call Sign:CR16

Weapon Preferences:M16/M4 Platform

Combat Preferences:Field, CQB


  • Primary
    • VFC/Elite Force 4CRS With P* Fusion Engine, Redline Firebase Regulator, Ninja 90/4500 Carbon Fiber HPA Tank
    • KWA KM4-SR10
    • WE M4-A1
    • JG Bar-10 Spring Sniper Rifle (Custom Paint)
    • Classic Army P90
    • KWA 120 Rd. Midcaps x12, HiCaps x3
    • Classic Army P90 Mags x4
  • Secondary
    • KWA ATP
    • KWA ATP Mags x3
  • Support
    • My Crew Chief
    • AND GRENADES!!!!
  • Safety
    • Custom Painted "Chaos" Wire Facemask
    • ESS NVG Goggles (OD)
    • Rothco Full Seal Goggles (Tan)
    • Rothco Full Seal Stamped Metal Mesh Goggles
    • Wiley-X CAG-1 Gloves (Tan)
  • Tactical Gear
    • Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Plate Carrier
    • Condor Pouches: M4 Triple Stackers x2, M4 Double Stacker x1, Double Pistol x1, Tri-Fold Dump
    • Condor Hydration Carrier (100 OZ.)
    • USGI Issue Multicam Trousers
    • USGI Issue Multicam Combat Shirt
    • USGI Issue Boots (Tan & Sage)
    • Danner Desert Acadia Tan Rough Out Boots
    • Propper Multicam Boonie
    • Condor Multicam Ballcap
    • USGI Issue ACU Trousers
    • USGI Issue ACU Jacket
    • USGI Issue ACU Patrol Cap
    • Condor ACU M4 Chest Rig
    • USGI Issue Hydramax Hydration (100 OZ.)
    • USGI Issue Woodland Trousers
    • USGI Issue Woodland Jacket
    • Condor OD Green Battle Belt and H-Suspenders
    • Condor OD Green M4 Mag Pouches Single and Double Stackers
    • Condor Hydration Backpack (100 oz) for HPA Tank
  • Electronics
    • ICOM IC-F21 (Custom Programmed)
    • Baofeng UV-5RA UHF/VHF FM Radio (Custom Programmed)
    • Pryme Gladiator Throat Mic
    • Klarus XT11 Weaponlight with ED-10 Remote Switch (600 Lumen)
    • Nebo Protech Elite HP190 Pistol Light With Strobe (190 Lumen)
    • Aimpoint T-1 Red/Green Dot Replica